HM Tools&Dye

HM Tools&Dye is a company owned and operated from the beggining by tattoo artist.

Our main goal is to provide fine tattoo machines, not to re-invent the wheel.

Even though we are a small company,this is our main ocupation, we are dedicated to manufacture and build quality tattoo machines on a full schedule. HM is located in an industrial park in Madrid, where we have everything we need in a short distance.

 Our machines are built using first class materials such as aircraft aluminum, brass or top quality iron. All our parts are made by ourselves in Madrid, Spain using CNC machinery and Many years of tattoo experience, except for our motors which are high quality Swiss Maxon Motors!

 We put a lot of love, work and pride in our products.

 Hope you Enjoy them as much as we do!!!!



      Thank You,  Roman & HM crew